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Sponsorship is one of the best ways to change a child's life.

There are many children at Bliss who are waiting for sponsorship. If you choose to become a sponsor, you can help ensure that the child you support goes to school, receives nutritious food and has proper clothing.

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 Name: Mercy Adhiambo


Background: Mercy is a very smart little girl, and always finishes at the top of her class! She comes from a family of five children. Her mother supports the family by selling vegetables. The family misses out on a lot, and often, like other families at our centre, the children go to bed hungry. Help support this family by sponsoring Mercy.



Name: Lucy Mkawuganga

Age: 4

Background: Lucy comes from a family of five children. Her father is currently jobless and her mother sells milk by the roadside. It is very difficult for these parents to meet their children’s needs, including education, and Lucy needs a helping hand through sponsorship.






 Name: Dorcas Kerubo

Age: 5

Background: Dorcas loves to play, and is always running about. But in class, she’s also very hard-working. She lives with her grandmother, who is currently supporting a total of eight children and grandchildren through her small vegetable kiosk. It’s not enough – Dorcas needs sponsorship in order to have her basic needs met.

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Name: Ivon Akinyi

Age: 7

Background: Ivon is a very hard-working student, who loves every subject! Her family has five children. Her mother supports the family by roasting maize by the roadside. Sponsorship would allow Ivon to continue her studies.




  Name: Sharon Chepkemoi

Age: 6

Background: Sharon is a very funny, chatty and outgoing child, who loves to gossip. She is an orphan, with both her parents having died, and currently lives with her aunt. Her aunt supports the family by hawking clothes. As an orphan, she does not get the same priority in the family as her aunt’s children. Please show Sharon your support.

  Name: Phoebe Akinyi

Age: 6

Background: Phoebe lives alone with her mother, who is a widow and is currently unemployed. She has two siblings - one brother and one sister. Sponsorship would be a big help to this girl.

                              Name: Purity Chebet

Age: 3

Background: Purity is from a family of eight - two parents and six children. The father does casual labour, while the mother repairs dresses from home.

They do not earn enough to support their family – not even enough to supply the basics for their children. Purity and her siblings are all having difficulty attending school. Sponsorship will help ensure this child’s future.


Name: Vincent Ananda
Background: Vincent is an extremely friendly, happy boy, with a wonderful, toothy grin, and an outgoing personality. He is the second-last child in a family of six children. His parents earn a meager income from his father’s work in a quarry, and his mother’s basketry. Educating the children, and particularly Vincent, is difficult. Vincent needs a good friend to help cement his education.

Name: Rudyvine Bosibori

Age: 3

Background: Rudyvine comes from a family of four – one sibling and two parents. Her parents eke out a living as her father repairs shoes by the side of the road, and her mother roasts maize. Although the family is small, they cannot meet their basic needs.


  Name: Irfan Kiprono
Age: 6
Background: Irfan comes from a family of three children, whose parents have no stable source of income. They live in a rented house, and try to support their children by baking. It is difficult for them to afford school fees for the children The family, and especially Irfan, need a friend through sponsorship.  The assistance would be much appreciated.


Name: Selestine Ayuma

Age: 6

Background: Selestine loves to read, and is always very happy! Selestine has five siblings, and she’s the  baby of the family. She lives with her aunt, who supports all the children by roasting maize by the side of the road. However, her income is very little and Selestine requires sponsorship in order to continue attending school regularly.

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Name: Denson Sakayo

Age: 5

Background: Denson lives with his two siblings and parents. His father is a casual labourer, while his mother sells vegetables. They earn very little to support the family, and their children are suffering as a result. Denson needs someone to put a smile on his face and support his future.

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Name: Naomi Robi

Age: 4

Background: Naomi has two brothers, and they live together with her mother, after the father deserted them. The mother cares for her family, based on the income she earns from selling vegetables. But if there are no vegetables to sell, the family is left completely helpless. It is hard for them to pay the children’s school fees.

Name: Sylvester Mayaka
Age: 6
Background: Sylvester has two sisters and one brother. His father works as a bicycle taxi driver,, while his mother sells vegetables. They earn very little, and the children need sponsorship to ensure they can continue in school.

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Name: Grace Awour

Age: 3

Background: Grace is a very polite little girl, who always tries to do everything! She loves to draw. Her family includes three children. Her father supports them by selling vegetables. She is eagerly awaiting sponsorship.  


Name: Markdonard Joshua

Age: 6

Background: Markdonard works very hard at his schoolwork, particularly reading and writing. His father supports the family, by driving a bicycle taxi. Markdonard has four siblings, and it’s hard for the parents to meet their children’s needs. The family would really appreciate sponsorship for Markdonard!

Name: Gideon Juma

Age: 3

Background: Gideon is happy every day! He always has a smile on his face. He comes from a family of four children, and his father supports the family through a small business.  

Name:  Gloria Chepkemoi

Age: 3

Background: Gloria comes from an extremely poor family. The parents do not make enough to support their children. Thus, Gloria requires sponsorship for her education.


Name: Patrick Nyambane

Age: 4

Background:  Patrick loves to make his own swings (as unfortunately we cannot afford to buy play equipment). He spends hours playing on his own creations. He lives with his mother, who supports her five kids through a vegetable kiosk. It is difficult for her to meet her kids' basic expenses, including school fees.  

Name: Cedric Auva

Age: 3

Background: Cedric is a little monkey, with so much energy, he can barely sit still in class. He is the only child in his family, and lives with his grandmother, who is currently unemployed. Spsonsrship would mean Cedric can continue in our classes ! 

Name: Jemimah Okwisa

Age: 4

Background:  Jemimah’s family is living in extreme poverty, as her mother roasts maize and the father does casual labor – with the goal of supporting seven children. Sometimes, there isn’t enough food to eat.


It is difficult for this family to send their children to school. Sponsorship will ensure that Jemimah gets the schooling she deserves and two nutritious meals a day.


Name: Claire Akoth


Background: Claire is currently in our middle class.. She is epileptic. She comes from a family with three children, whose parents do not earn enough to support them. Sponsorship would help to ensure her a better future.






Name: Miriam Adija

Age: 4

Background:Miriam is happy every day. She is an orphan, who has lost both her parents. Miriam lives with her grandmother, who is not working. Life is difficult, and sponsorship would be a wonderful gift for this little girl.  


Name: Benjamin Welikhe


Background: Benjamin comes from a family of three children, being supported by a single mother.


Their mother sells sweets in the city streets – an activity that simply doesn’t generate enough funds to support the family. A sponsor would help brighten Benjamin’s future, and ensure he is able to continue in school.


Name: Milkah Kerubo

Age: 3

Background: Milka has four siblings. The children are being raised by their mother, after the father deserted the family in 2008. The family has no reliable source of income, and the children’s needs are never met. Milka is eagerly awaiting sponsorship.




Name: Bramwell Wastwa

Age: 5

Background:  Bramwell comes from a very poor family. His mother works as a housemaid, and his father is unemployed. There are five children in his family, so it is difficult for the parents to support them.






Name: Sisy Ruka

Age: 4

Background: Sisy loves to play and is very active, with lots of energy! Her mother supports the family by washing clothes – but this isn’t enough to meet the needs of four children! The family is struggling, and Sisy would really appreciate help through sponsorship.

Name: Clinton Munda

Age: 6

Background: Clinton is a very polite, hard-working little boy who does very well at school. He has four siblings, and his father supports the family by driving a bicycle taxi. It is hard to meet the needs of a large family this way, and there isn’t enough to cover educational costs.


Name: Meakans Adhiambo

Age: 3

Background:  Meakans is very shy and quiet, but loves to play pretend. Hr father is unemployed, while her mother cares for and supports the whole family by washing clothes. It is extremely tiring work, and she does not make enough money to support her children. Sponsorship for Meakans would be a major help.



Name: Mello Karahi

Age: 6

Background: Mello loves to have fun and to play. Both her parents are currently unemployed. Her mother does casual labour, like washing clothes, but this does not earn much money. Mello eagerly awaits sponsorship.



Name: Mercy Chebet

Age: 4

Background: Mercy is always happy, and lights up the room with her smile! She comes from a family of six children, who live with her mother, following the death of her father. Her mother supports all of these children through casual labour. But the juggling is too difficult – she is unable to meet her children’s basic needs. Sponsoring Mercy will help ensure she gets two meals a day, and goes to school.


 Name: Adonai Nyambane

Age: 6

Background: Adonai is a very hard-working boy, particularly when it comes to reading and writing. He does well at school. Adonai has two brothers and three sisters. The mother supports the family through a small vegetable kiosk. Adonai would really like to receive sponsorship.


Name: Paul Shangala

Age: 3

Background: Paul is one of the youngest boys at our preschool, and is a little bit cheeky! He loves to play all the time. He has four siblings. His mother is supporting the entire family by selling vegetables, as his father is currently jobless. Sponsoring Paul would really help this family.

Name: Dolvin Ayako

Age: 6

Background: Dolvin is a very happy, hardworking girl who enjoys reading and writing. She loves doing homework! But space at home is very cramped, as Dolvin has one sister and two brothers. Her father is currently unemployed and her mother supports the family. Sponsorship would mean a lot to her!


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