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Bliss Women and Children Project


Our Team

The BWCP team includes the following individuals:

Esther is the director and founder of the Bliss Women and Children Project. She is married with two children, and devotes tremendous energy to helping those less fortunate, regarding her work as a ministry in trying to help women and children in Kenya. Her work is based on the belief that kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see, and that women and children simply want to be loved for who they are.

Through her studies and practice as a social worker, Esther came to realize how it is possible to alleviate the problem of malnutrition through well-designed and meaningful poverty eradication projects.


There are many challenges to this, however. First, there is no teaching material to assist mothers of young children in understanding how to improve nutritional intake and the effect that nutritional intake has on the health and welfare of their own children.  Second, there is no group of trained facilitators to assist in delivering this information in a timely and meaningful manner to children and youth.


The Bliss Women and Children Project aims to address these issues.

Our Team





Lamech Musaki Ligeve, Pastor\Programme Advisor/Counselor

Lamech Musaki Ligeve joined the Bliss Women and Children Centre in 2007. Since then, he has been an extremely valued addition, and serves as our pastor/programme advisor and counselor. Before joining BWCP, Lamech served as a youth leader for five years and was later promoted to deacon.


Nina Reid---New Zealand Representative,

Nina visited BWCP in 2010 for six  weeks and was inspired by the work that was being done. Having returned to New Zealand  she still works to elicit support for the project and its work Nina is happy to be contacted for any information





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