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Bliss Women and Children Project


 About Us                                                                      

Our Objectives;

Our Projects: BWCP addresses the needs of women and children through a wide variety of projects - ranging from education and training to handicrafts and micro credit ,We  help raise children who are full of hope and promise for a better future

At the Bliss Women and Children Center, our overall objective is to ensure respect for the rights of women and children in Kaptembwo, Nakuru, Kenya

Our specific objectives include the following

  • To help meet the children’s basic needs, including education, food, shelter and health care.
  • To provide counseling for women and children
  • To help tackle local problems, including drug abuse, HIV/AIDS etc.
  • To provide mothers with relevant information on health, hygiene etc.
  • To provide women with training in small business management
  • .

  Our programs include peer-to-peer HIV/AIDS education, as well as training for women on business management, amongst other initiatives.




Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born




About Us: The Bliss Women and Children Centre is located in Kaptembwo, one of the poorest areas of Nakuru, Kenya. BWCP hopes to build the capacity of abandoned, displaced, orphaned and destitute children, so that they may achieve their goals and reach their full potential.



Our Mission;

Our mission is to tackle poverty by addressing the social inequities that lie at its core. 

Our mission involves helping women and children in Kaptembwo to take a step out of poverty. We work with those who are most marginalized - women who are widowed, are single mothers or sole supporters of their families, and children who are extremely poor, orphaned or abandoned.


Our History: The Bliss Women and Children Project was launched in 2005. Since our beginning, we have worked very hard to help improve the lives of women and children in our region. Find out more about our historY

 This is a very difficult mission to achieve. Throughout Kaptembwo, there are thousands of women and children who are excluded. We aim to work with them to help them to improve their lives and reach their fullest potential. 


     Our work is slow and painstaking. It involves working with people who, in many cases, have been poor and excluded all their lives. They face many obstacles. Through our projects, we aim to give them the tools to overcome these difficulties and build a brighter future.Meet our Team


The Need

The Need: There are hundreds of women and children in Kaptembwo who are living through very difficult circumstances. To find out more about the situation there, please click here.






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