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Bliss Women and Children Project


Our History

Have you ever watched a child at play, knowing that he/she has been orphaned and infected by HIV/AIDS? Have you ever been to a place where people beg to receive the very things you throw away?

I have been very fortunate, and God blessed me with a few coins. BWCP was born out of this good fortune in 2004. The following year, we became a registered organization and took in our first child, who had been orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

It has not been easy. Our workload is overwhelming. There is never enough money. However, through much effort, our work continued fairly smoothly until 2007. That was the year Kenya experienced some of the worst violence the country has ever seen. The situation in Kaptembwo was particularly bad. Hundreds of residents fled their homes in fear. Many people were killed. Many more were injured. More than a year later, people have laid down their weapons, but the repercussions will continue to be felt for a long time.

We lost a lot of our members, as many of them were displaced. The past year, subsequently, has been one of rebuilding for BWCP. Over recent months, we have drawn ourselves up out of the ashes and started preaching peace, love and unity.

But now the need is greater than ever before. The post-election violence has lead to more orphans, more displaced families, more children who are living in poverty. And our workload is greater than ever before. If you would like to help tackle these issues, we need your help. You can donate, volunteer or do an internship. In the meantime, thanks for your time and attention.

- Esther Githaiga, Director and Founder, Bliss Women and Children Project

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