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Bliss Women and Children Project


Meaningful and Impactful Volunteers

 Please join us in recognizing some  of Bliss outstanding volunteers.


Nina Reid is a volunteer from New Zealand


Wendy Havlik a volunteer from America. Wendy is a teacher from Texas. She shared new songs, ideas, and fun ways to learn with the children. She also made a slew of hands on  learning activities for the children to learn new skills and build on current ones. 


Carlos Sanchez Garcia

from Spain.Volunteered to empower women project,ie to start off the tailoring  project and children too.




Richelle Sheridan, A volunteer from 

Dublin Ireland

 Helping in  women's  and children project and assisting them  succeed with their  ventures,ie business education, food , table banking and training in business practices and financial issues.

Lisa King and Silvie Lo Monaco

Volunteers from Australia

Lucy Walker,

A Volunteer from USA


Volunteer Expenses

volunteer bills




Accommodation (includes rent, food, electricity and water)



per day


per day


Nakuru Airport pick up





Collection from the airport to the hotel (only if your plane arrives after 4 PM)





Nairobi hotel night with breakfast (only if your plane arrives after 4 PM)





Decent food at a restaurant



per meal


per meal


Transportation within the city


40 - 100

per day

0.5 - 1.2

per day


Our Volunteers:

Throughout the lifetime of our organization there have been many volunteers and we’ve all had great experiences and we still have contact with them, both as a volunteer  and a friend as they continue helping and promoting the organizationThese are some of the volunteers who have gone through our organization.



For an authentic experience of life in Kenya, we offer our volunteers the option of living with a welcoming, local family. You will have your own room which is separate from the main house and has its own bathroom with hot water. In the main house, you have the kitchen where the family cooks traditional Kenyan food for you, and of course, you are also invited to cook food from your own country and share with the family. There is also a large lounge where you can share your experiences and enjoy the company. The house has all amenities such as running water, 220V electricity, internet, TV, microwave and a beautiful view of Lake Nakuru. Their neighbor is also the director of the organization. The room is very bright and spacious and can accommodate several volunteers.

We also offer the option of living in a rented house in Nakuru. There are a wide range of possibilities and prices according to size and location, we'll help you find the one that best suits your needs on arrival.







For any questions please contact us.


Volunteer and Tourism made easy

Go on Safari!
No trip to Kenya is complete without a SAFARI .and the quality of yours can be greatly affected by the person you contact. .

The main differences are the quality and type of vehicle used, the quality of food, and the skills and knowledge of the drivers and guides. contact us on this issues


Everyone who has a set of hands and a willing heart is welcome to volunteer at Bliss.


You can also check out our volunteer pack for more information








Volunteer Room


Lovely host families who are always ready to receive our
volunteers into their homes, hence establishing
an international relationship



Profiles: We are particularly looking for people with the following profiles:

  • Preschool teaching experience; teaching elementary, high school, vocational, or after school classes
  • Experience working with fair trade issues;
  • Nurses & doctors: assist at the medical clinic
  • Fundraising; facilitate community workshops
  • Experience in building and maintaining ,assist at construction projects
  • Partnerships;
  • Marketing - in order to market women's handicrafts abroad;
  • General counselling, facilitate youth camps, leadership workshops, etc
  • Sponsorship programs;
  • Community development in general.
  • Toilouring Project
  • Donars
  • Researching
    potential funding
    sources for

Design Your Own Program: Volunteers are also welcome to design their own programs as a blend of our needs, and the type of experience you would like to gain, or how you feel your skills could best be used.For any comments click here

In order for us to gain more insight about your skills, please complete and submit our VOLUNTEER FORM.

Questions: If you have any questions about volunteering at Bliss, or life in Nakuru, please check out our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page or contact Esther Githaiga at [email protected]

or call 0720928032

We shall assist those willing to explore Kenya and take a tour in better hands


 Travel Information

You will fly into Nairobi's Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO). You will be met on arrival. Flights to Nairobi terminate at Jomo Kenyatta and it is the largest airport in Kenya. Upon arrival, Some one from bliss will be there waiting for you and will hold a sign with your name, assist you with your luggage to the waiting shuttle car or bus to get you on the road in the quickest and easiest way to Nakuru which is 180 km from Nairobi.


Most visitors to Kenya need to obtain a visa (US$25) including Europeans, Americans and nationals from Commonwealth countries such as New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the UK. Volunteers need to obtain a tourist visa to enter Kenya. Visas are valid for three months from the date of entry and can be purchased upon arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi.


BWCP would like like to remain in contact with all past volunteers and we expect you to spread news about us to your community. We often send updates from the orphanage and the progress of children to past volunteers. Often, we receive volunteers recommended by our former volunteers.



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